Jeni Dupre Project Manager


Jeni Dupre'

Project Manager

With an educational background in accounting and finance, Jeni Dupre' is a great example of the caliber of professionals leading BETA.

Jeni was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana and attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a concentration in accounting and finance. She began her career with BETA Land Services in 2007 and has gained experience in multiple phases of land work throughout various states across the U.S. Her experience includes Abstracting, Title Research, Curative, Due Diligence, Leasehold Trading, State Land Lease Negotiations, and Acquisitions and Project Management in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, Oklahoma, Kansas, and New Mexico. Jeni is an active member of the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL) and the Young Professionals of Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exposition.